You’re an actor. Act like it.

In all honesty, The Golden Globe speeches sucked this year.

The Golden Globes are supposed to be a celebration of the men and women who delivered the best acting performances of the year in television and movies. So, why in the world—this year in particular—are those men and women consistently unable to deliver a compelling acceptance speech when they win?

Of all the people in the world who have the ability to bring words to life in a compelling way, they should be at the top of the list—right behind the president. It’s not like they’re dairy farmers, plucked from obscurity, stuffed into taffeta, flown to Hollywood and pushed up onto a stage.

They’re actors: human beings who are paid money—really good money—to memorize black words on a white page and deliver those words in a captivating and believable way so that they move audiences, tell powerful stories and win awards.

They were given four weeks’ notice.

It’s their day job.

It’s their moment to take the stage and make a statement.

Sure, they might prepare a great speech and not win. So what? Post it on social media the next day: “Here’s what I would have told the world if I had won. I didn’t win, but I still want the world to know what I had to say.”

I’d honestly rather read 10 well-prepared but never-delivered speeches than watch one more incredibly talented, gorgeously dressed actor stand in front of 20.9 million viewers and say, “I have no idea what to say.”


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