Say How You Slay

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about mothers it’s that we rarely take time to  s l o w   d o w n  and appreciate what we’ve learned, how far we’ve come and the challenges that we’ve slayed along the way.

Before your 2019 gets filled with overflowing to-do lists, relentless requests, exhausting school spirit weeks, and monumental piles of laundry, I invite you to hit pause and conjure up some self-love for all the dozens of wins you put up on the board throughout the year.

Of course, 2018 wasn’t the perfect year and undoubtedly, you have plenty of scars and second-guessing to show for it. Who doesn’t? But if I were a betting woman, I’d say that this trip around the sun also brought wins big and small that you haven’t taken a single, solitary second to appreciate.

This will be challenging, but trust me, you can do it.

Maybe you put some minor wins on the board by finding clever ways to squeeze a workout into a busy weekend, pull off the easiest birthday party ever, or get dinner on the table without losing your ever-loving mind. Or, perhaps this was the year you dropped the hammer and slayed getting out of an abusive relationship, quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur, or mending the strained relationship with your mother.

Regardless, slays of all shapes and sizes deserve to be celebrated and even shared with other mothers who are struggling to slay their own challenges.

So, now that all the presents have been opened, pies have been baked and party guests have gone home, it’s your time to reflect on the many moments of magic when you slayed the you-know-what out of something in 2018.

Now, before you consider this request to be a complete waste of time (I can hear you now, “Why spend time reflecting on what I did well in 2018 when I could be worrying about what I’ll screw up in 2019?”), let me assure you it’s not selfish at all. If you’re brave enough to reflect and share, you’ll not only boost your own confidence, but you’ll up the swagger of other women too.

And if there’s one group of humans who could use a little extra wind in their sails and confidence in their decisions, it’s an ever-lovin’ mother.

As my gift to you, my team and I are creating a digital experience for you to reflect on your challenges and get inspiration from other mothers who’ve been there and #slayedit before you. While we’re working on building out the website, we’d love to start populating it with some stellar slays from 2018 – starting with  yours!

If you’ve slayed a challenge this year we’d love for you to share it with mothers everywhere, so they might learn from (or in some cases, be entertained by) your experience.  And let’s be honest, you’re a mom- there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll slay 10 challenges before noon today. Take five minutes to reflect on challenges, both big and small, that you’ve conquered this year and submit them here. You’ll even see a few examples from other mothers.

For every slay you submit between now and January 6, 2019,  you’ll be entered to win a pre-released copy of my book, Slay Like a Mother, plus a $100 Visa gift card so you can kickstart the New Year with a little pampering. We’ll reach out to the winner via email on Monday, January 7th.

And remember, the more slays you submit, the more chances you have to win, so think hard and share big! I can’t wait to read your reflections and celebrate your wins with you.

What a way to ring in a New Year.

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