Kudos to Kate: A Bottom Less Covered & A Road Less Travelled.

Kanye. Kim. Kourtney. Khloe. Kendall. Kris. Kylie.

It seems customary for the world to give them a hard time.

But Kate Middleton? Now, that just seems wrong.

Kate recently got caught by the paparazzi wearing a—gasp!—thong. And immediately, “Bottom Gate” hit the newsstands all around the world.

Of all the things Kate is doing for her country, for motherhood, and for the world, that’s the story everyone focused on? Her selection of underpants?

Heaven help her.

But you gotta love Kate Middleton because she’s constantly pushing the boundaries—in the most ladylike way possible, of course. From shorter hemlines to rearranging the rules of royal parenting, she is a woman who knows what she wants. The queen be damned.

  • Staying at her parent’s house instead of Buckingham Palace after the birth of Prince George? Check.
  • Choosing a friend to take the baby announcement photo vs. a royal photographer? Check.
  • Escaping  with her husband (and without the baby) for a romantic getaway to the Maldives? Check.
  • Braving the thong and tossing aside the archaic and tortuous notion of pantyhose? Check.

And as if those atrocities weren’t damaging enough, she was also recently videotaped wiping her son’s drool onto her designer dress at a recent trip to a zoo. Oh the horror!

A thong and drool? She should be shot.

Lord have mercy.

Seems implausible that people don’t have better things to talk about than what a mom wears on her bottom and where she wipes her baby’s drool.

Personally, I think it’s remarkable that she still wears a thong! You go, girl. Do you know how many moms check out of the maternity ward with their ridiculously unattractive mesh underpants in hand and never turn back?
A lot. A whole lot.

I think the Duchess of Cambridge deserves a round of applause. Way to take the road less travelled. Way to bare a bottom less covered.

The sheer expectations that are placed on that woman! Can you imagine if nosy people with a bag full of cameras followed you around all day, every day—capturing the good, the bad and the ugly of  your every move as a mother?

Bedtime in my house would make for some ugly headlines. Getting out the door for school in the morning? Even uglier.

In all honesty, I could only hope that the worst thing they’d write about would be my choice of underwear.

I wonder how Kate deals with all the headlines and drama surrounding her bold choices in life, motherhood in particular? I can only assume most of us would crack under the pressure and start slowly and surely avoiding the road less travelled for fear of backlash.

But not Kate. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Regardless of the chatter that chases her every move.

A great lesson for the rest of us.

As moms, we need to follow our gut and do what’s right for us and not for everyone else (Our children gave us our glorious guts; we might as well use them.)

And certainly if Kate can do it with the world watching, we can do it with nobody watching.

And maybe we should help Kate.

When the press pops up talking about her undergarments or where she wipes George’s bodily fluids, maybe as moms we should speak up and tell the media where it should be focusing its efforts.

Here’s a start.

Kate recently took a trip to New Zealand where she was greeted by this lovely fellow:

If bottoms and butts are internationally newsworthy, why aren’t people talking about his butt instead?

It’s far more interesting.

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