Ten Things I’m Thankful For and Why

I’m a big fan of motivational guru Mel Robbins. She regularly shares actionable tips and tricks that serve as a kick in the pants to inspire you to take action in your life.

This week she encouraged her followers  to document their gratitude by getting it off their chest and out into the world. To hit pause on the hamster wheel and express joy and gratefulness for the stuff that’s real. Not the stuff we’re chasing.

So, here we go. Ten aspects of a life I’m excited to call my own. I’m incredibly grateful for…

1. Waking up this morning. This might seem silly to say, but it’s not. People die all the time and it really sucks. Bright lights in my life like Hunter Garner, Drew Yanishack, Chad O’Neil, Burt Musick and Brian McCarty were all extinguished entirely too soon.  So, when it comes to gratitude, I think it’s important to start with the basics. The next time you’re having a bad moment, step back, take a deep breath and be grateful that you have that option. #keepitsimple

2. My husband’s inner neat freak. I tell you what, this guy can clean and organize the hell out of anything, including our entire attic this weekend. Yes, he’s a wonderful husband and father, but the cleaning gene just takes my love for him to a new level! Choosing wisely when picking a partner can pay off in so many wonderful ways. #whew

3. Sunday night happy hours with my grandfather. Wise beyond his 93 years, he’s the heavy dose of perspective I need at the end of a long week. Like the time I mentioned that I had been sea sick on a cruise and he said, “Same, but different.”

4. My daughter’s drive. It’s something to behold. Practices at 6 a.m., three-day swim meets and thousands of laps later, she still wants more. Her get-up-and-go pushes makes me think twice before bagging a workout.  Surely I can handle 30 minutes a few days a week when she puts in three times that every day. #comeonmom

5. My son’s affection. He’ll never let me win the “No, I love YOU more…” argument because he’s convinced with every bone in his body that his love for me tops mine for him. And man oh man, there’s nothing quite like unconditional love.

6. Getting rejected from the University of Virginia. If my dream had come true, If I had gotten into UVA like I so desperately wanted,  I would have missed out on meeting love of my life, Richard at JMU. And another lady would be benefiting from his love, kindness and impeccable cleaning skills. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, rejection leads to a better ending than the original dream.

7. My parents’ relationship. My grandmother always said the most important thing you can do as a parent is to love your partner. There are so many days when I sit in awe of my parents and the unconditional love they’ve shared since high school. I feel immensely blessed that they’re both alive and well and still sharing a queen size bed because a king would just leave them too far apart.

8. My courage to quit my previous career. This was hard  for me. So many people told me it was a bad idea, and that being an entrepreneur would be a miserable existence. Well, fast-forward five years and I’ve never been happier. I’m proud of myself for trusting my gut and going for it. #justdoit

9. My mother-in-law. Despite the fact that we’re separated by 30 years, 4,000 miles and dozens of cultural differences, we’re on the same page politically. After being asleep at the wheel for decades, now I’m proudly marching, volunteering, and speaking up for what I believe in and telling her all about it along the way.

10. My team at work. Holy crap, this crew is on fire. We’ve never been stronger and business has never been better. Being a small and mighty team is so fun, nimble and rewarding! As each other’s fiercest fans, we’re on pins and needles to see what 2019 will hold.

So, there you have it. Ten “holy hell I’m a happy girl” moments.  Mel Robbins is right when she says that putting pen to paper (or even better, face to video) is an excellent way to count and account for the blessings in your life.

It helps you push through all the bumps, pause the relentless pursuit of perfection and recognize the joys right in front of you instead of the ones you’re chasing down the road.

Gratitude helps you stop in the moment and say “the life I’m living is enough. I’m enough. I don’t need more in order to be happy.”

And isn’t that a gift worth gabbing about?


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Lelanya Duranreply

I just love these little updates and perspective. So happy you did it and chased your dreams! Go Katherine go.

Katherine Wintschreply
– In reply to: Lelanya Duran

Thanks so much! Your support means the world. Sometimes I can’t believe this life is mine!

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