Change is in The Air

It’s hard to believe I have the privilege of typing this very sentence, but here goes nothing — Slay Like a Mother is launching next week! Wow. What a long, strange trip it’s been. 

These five book-writing-and-publishing trips around the sun have been filled with long, hard, overwhelming, magical and wonderful moments. I’ve felt love and support from so many of you and I’m grateful for all the times you’vereached out to let me know how much something I’d written touched or changed you. 

Relishing in those moments kept me going. I’ll spend the rest of forever thanking Richard at home and the team at work for carrying so much weight so that I could focus most of my waking hours on this mission. The world will be better because of your love and support. 

 So here we are — I’m a proud mother of something really magical — a movement to help women and mothers reclaim their self-esteem and self-worth. Now, more than ever, it’s important for women to stand up for themselves. But you can’t stand up for yourself if you don’t believe in yourself.  

So, let’s get to it.  

On Tuesday, March 19, the book will be available everywhere (Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and even Audible) and I can’t wait for you to read it or listen to it! I hope you’ll read it with your book clubs and then have a SLAM (Slay Like a Mother) session with your girlfriends to discuss your dragons and how they’re holding you back. 

Speaking of coming together as a group, I’m excited to announce that next week we’ll also be launching a digital platform for the collecting and sharing of slays (conquests, wins, hacks) at Women have been slaying sh*t for years; let’s cave to common sense and share our wins — for our own confidence, but also for the benefit of other women we’d rather support than tear down. 

As you familiarize yourself with this new Slay Like a Mother movement over the next few weeks, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. You are not at war with other mothers, you are at war with yourself. The constant belief that you can and should be doing more is wearing you down and cutting you in half — happy on the outside, empty on the inside. 
  2. You are not alone. Nine out of 10 mothers say they live with frequent or constant self-doubt and a mean inner voice they describe as “the meanest mean girl I know.”  
  3. You are in charge. The energy that flows within your mind, body and soul can either be filled with self-doubt OR self-love, and you get to decide which one. You already have the tools within you to slay this beast. I’m living proof, and so are the hundreds of women I’ve helped along the way. 

One thing I want everyone to know is that this movement isn’t about me. I’m proud of my personal journey to turn my self-doubt into self-love, and I’m more than happy to lend my voice to launch this movement of destroying what’s holding women back. But, I’m one in a million female voices that need to be amplified. So, let’s share the love — let’s share this motherload!

To that end, from here on out, you’ll still get our biweekly newsletter with a blog post from me, but starting next week, it will look a little different…In All Honesty is ramping up to a full-blown SLAM Session. In addition to my mindful musings, you’ll also get some hand-picked slays written and approved by other mothers in the world. Each edition will contain topic-driven highlights from a new collection of slays curated by my team, as well as a blog post to dive deeperinto how I slay the same topic. 

So look for those changes starting with a Slay Like a Mother welcome letter on March 15, and your first “SLAM Session” eblast on March 19 — launch day! If you’re a blog follower but you don’t get our emails and the new content sounds too good to pass up, visit to sign up to get a bi-weekly SLAM Session.

In all honesty, your comments and support have been the pinnacle of this wonderful season in my life. I’m so excited to share the next chapter with you, as we learn and grow together as women and as mothers. Thank you again for all the support you all have given me. Slay on. 

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